Updated to iOS 13? Change These Five Settings Now

iOS 13

iOS 13 has been launched finally and it brings lots of new and exciting features. Now you can reject all unknown calls to block spam calls and telemarketers. Guess what? That’s not just it, there is a whole package for you. Let’s check some most important setting you might want to change after upgrading to iOS 13 :

Dark Mode

This is one of the most waited feature introduced in the latest iOS 13. This is the default feature but you might miss it if you rush things in start. But you can switch on dark mode on your device. It actually increases the battery backup because it switch off the OLED screen. Third-party apps can detect whether or not Dark Mode is enabled and display their content accordingly. You can turn on this mode by heading to Settings > Display & Brightness to toggle Dark Mode. If you enable the “Automatic” option then it will automatically switch between Light and Dark at sunrise and sunset.

Silence Unknown Callers

If you don’t like getting disturbed by unknown callers, spam calls and telemarketers then now you can shut them all with a push of a button. You can enable this option from Settings > Phone > Silence Unknown Callers. A call from an unknown number, will not make your iPhone ring like usual. Number will be saved to recent callers list, and caller will hear the standard number of rings then transferred to voicemail.

Disable Shake-to-undo

The old fashioned and good for nothing Shake-to-undo features is now can be disabled. You can finally disable the Apple’s least useful “gesture” – shake to undo by heading to Settings > Accessibility > Touch and toggle “Shake to Undo” to off. iOS 13 has some new shortcuts that you can use now. These gestures work anywhere in the OS, not just while editing text. You can now undo changes by:

  • Swiping left on the screen with three fingers.
  • Swiping right on the screen with three fingers.
  • Double-tapping the screen with three fingers.

Control Over App Location Permission

Now you have full control over the app location data. Its completely your choice whether you allow any app to access your location. Go to Settings > Location Services and scroll down to the list of apps and tap on any app then select between these choices – Never, Ask Next Time, While Using the App, and Always. Apps can no longer request permanent access to your location when you open them for the first time. You will get regular notifications that any app is using your location data in background, and you will be asked if you want to continue allowing them to do so.

Control Over Apps Bluetooth Access

iOS 13 introduces the all new privacy feature that helps you control which apps have access to Bluetooth data. As you open any apps that request the Bluetooth access then you will be prompted to grant or deny permission. In this new version you can review the existing privileges of the apps under Settings > Privacy > Bluetooth.

These are the five most hot new features of iOS 13 which is clearly very exciting. I have made these changes my iPhone and its your time. Make these changes now and save some battery along with the data and privacy. If you have any suggestion then do write us in comment section. Please share this article if you liked it.

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