18 Ways To Make Money Online In 2020 (Best Earning Tips)

Start Your Online Business And Earn Money Online

Around 1 billion people monthly search “How To Earn Money Online” on the Google or YouTube or other search engine. How many of those get satisfactory result? If they did got the result for the first time, then the number of queries should be decreasing day by day. Now some will say that population of the world is growing everyday, that’s why people keep on searching for How To Earn Money Online. Fellas, population is not growing as faster as people keep searching for the same thing everyday. The other reason of this type query is, they don’t find the right answer at the first time.

Yes, most of the website or blogs or vlogs only explain about the temporary sources of income. When people visit to those sites, they get some trick which works for few days and after then they again search the same magical words (Earn Money Online). Now can you please tell when will this unfortunate cycle stop? Any answers, Please…

Don’t worry I have the answer for this question. People won’t quit searching How To Earn Money Online until they find any right answer that work them for a long time. So guys, that’s why I wrote this guide. I will not lie, when I started money making online, I also searched for the same term again and again. Then I struggled a lot and for quite a long time. When I take a look back, I found out all the trick I have to used to earn money online, I thought it would be unkind if I don’t contribute something that really works. So here I am concluding all my journey into a blog post which reveals the best I have ever found. Today I am gonna tell you how you can earn money online for sure and startup your own business.

18 Ways To Make Money Online In 2020

But First I want to tell you, if you are looking for any miracle then you must go for captcha filling or survey website. Yes guys, those trick won’t work for long but with no work you can’t earn money. If you really want to earn money online then you must do some serious work. I can only teach you, but I cannot work you. They is saying for that, You can only bring a horse to the river, but can’t make him drink the water. Same goes here, I will show you the door but its you who has to walk through it. So let’s start this journey. Below are some methods that you can use as a reliable source of income working online.

How To Earn Money Online

1. Become a freelancer
2. Start your own website
3. Earn with Affiliate Marketing
4. Become an online seller
5. Online tutoring
6. Content Writing Job
7. Web designing
8. Earn Money with Blogging
9. Become a YouTube Creator
10. Domain Trader
11. Domain Hosting Retailer
12. Website flipping
13. Stock & Forex Trading
14. Program For Hire
15. Mobile App Creator
16. Online Translator
17. Start E-commerce Website
18. Starting a Drop Shipping Business

1 . Become a freelancer – If you have certain skills then freelancing is the best for you. You can work on your terms, in your own chose time and from your chose location. You just have to signup for the some good quality freelancing websites which pays higher commission and has fair policies. You can easily earn a five figure income through freelance business. Once you have enough experience, you can also hire people to work for you. It is the best and fastest method to earn money online if you are interested in big money in quick time.

2. Start your own website – You can also start your own website, where you put your services. You can write post in which people are interested. You can drive genuine traffic on your website, then you can put ads there. It is not necessary which kind of posts you create or what services you offer. You just have to good enough to drive traffic on your site, even if aren’t selling anything you can earn by showing ads on your website. It is one of the most trusted and most used method. Lots of people make good money using this trick (including me…). What’s more beneficial, it is completely yours and it will work as long as you want.

3. Earn with Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate marketing is growing rapidly these days. If you don’t have anything to offer of your won then you can become an affiliate of others. You just have to sign-up for the affiliate network, then choose product according to your interest. After that you can promote the products and earn commission easily. You can use your social media accounts, your website, your blog or YouTube channel to promote those products.

4. Become an online seller – If you are a small business where you create anything then you can sell it online then you can become an online seller. Just assume that you make good quality cloths, toys, stuffed toys, paintings, or anything else that you could sell online, then it is the best choice. You can join any big e-commerce website, list your products there and earn money online without doing any extra work. There are number of websites which are more than happy to list your products for some commission. Here you will be the sole owner and you can also hire more hands where your business grows.

5. Online tutoring – If you are a teacher or university student (with good knowledge) then you can also become online tutor. You can offer your expertise for a price and believe me there are number of people who are looking for online tutors. You can easily earn money online by offering your intelligence where people need. Another benefit of this is, you don’t have to leave your current job. You can easily become an online tutor in part time and earn money online in your spare time.

6. Content Writing Job – This is another good source of income for those who can’t leave their house or prefer to work from from home. You can write good quality for some websites which pays you lots of money. There is lots of demand of good and unique content in various online jobs. Many companies are willing to pay up-to $50 for a 450-500 words unique content. If you can do this, then it is sure that you will be making lots of money. Most of the university students, college students also put ads online for getting their projects and synopsis written. You can surely earn money online if you have good writing skills.

7. Web Designing – Here comes the good part. If you are a web designer and working a job, then still you can work from home and make some extra bucks online. If you are good at what you do then soon you will lots of projects that you even have to leave your current job and start your own company. There are lots of people who want to create their own website but don’t have the knowledge. They hire people like you to do their work. It is an evergreen business which will never get old. Use your web designing skill and start your business from scratch to earn money online.

8. Earn Money with Blogging – You can become a blogger and write about the topic of your choosing. You don’t have to invent any money for this and you can start your business. There are number of free sources that you can use to launch your new blog. After sometime when you will start getting lots of visitors you can put ads on your blog to earn money online. The best way to start your own blog is to use blogger, tumbler, wix, wordpress and other similar free websites.

9. Become a YouTuber Creator – You can also become an YouTuber an earn lots of money. You just have to create interesting videos and publish on your YouTube channel. You don’t need any professional camera setup for this. You can shoot videos on your mobile on different interesting topics, news, latest technology, pranks, jokes, music or anything that you like. When your channel start growing and gain some serious traffic you can put ads there or promote third party products to earn money online.

10. Domain Trader – It is a ridiculously serious and easy way to earn money online. You just have to use your imagination and you can earn lots of money with small investments. You just have to anticipate good domain names and register them. When someone will need that domain then you charge lots of money for that. Actually there are people who are willing to pay hundreds of thousand of rupees for the domain names of their choosing. You should go for the cool company name domains, upcoming big brand products related domains, big events related domain and so on. People who need such kind of domain names are always willing to pay higher prices.

11. Domain Hosting Retailer – You can also become a domain and hosting retailer. It is quite easy because lots of big companies are offering retailer services for new business owners. It is more profitable when you are running a web designing company. You can become a retailer of big Domain hosting company like Godaddy, Hostgator, Inmotion, Bluehost etc. and earn money online with very low investment. You can also start a stand alone business of Domain and hosting retailer. After a little bit of work and promotion, you can be a big player and earn lots of money online easily.

12. Website flipping – It is another hot method to earn money online. Like domain trading you can also sell your running website for money. Once you create a website and earn money with it for 3-4 months. Then you can list your website for sell on Flippa, Empire Flippers etc. and sell your site for approx 10 to 20 times of your vestment. That’s quite cool! Right? Yes it is probably one the most easiest and interesting method. The good news is, it could also be a long time business and you can lots of money using this method.

13. Stock & Forex Trading – It is the method which can make you king overnight. Yes you can earn lots of money if you have some knowledge about Forex trading. You can easily learn some basic trading tricks online and sharpen your skills by opening a trial account. There are many forex trading companies who offer trial account with some virtual money to test your skills with real market. You will place your bids on real time and test if your are making profit or loss. After a little practice on trail account, you can earn around $200 to $400 daily. Good thing is, you can also start your business and earn money online when you will get enough experience.

14. Program For Hire – If you are a coding experts and love to program then sky is the limit for you. There are many companies who outsource their programming work and pay good money for the services. If you are working a job then no problem, you can make it your part business. If you want to start your own business and earn money online, you are most welcome to rule the world with programming skills. It is an evergreen field where you will always find lots of work and lots of money.

15. Mobile App Creator – It is a modern world where everyone is always busy with their smartphones. If you are mobile app creator then you can always make lots of money be creating new and interesting apps or games. If you are not, then you can learn to create mobile apps and then dive into the world of online making. You can start your own company and hire developers to create mobile apps through which you can earn money online and give jobs to others who need.

16. Online Translator – If you have knowledge of more than two languages then you can make money working as a translator. Many people learn more than one languages for fun but you never know when that fun can become your business. There are many websites which offer lots of money for simple translation jobs. You should be thinking that why don’t they use Google or Bing translator? Automatic translator can never be as good as manual. Companies that look for quality prefer manual translation and here is your chance to make money using your skills.

17. Start E-commerce Website – If you are looking to become the next Jeff Bezos (Ceo of Amazon) then you can also start your e-commerce website. This particular business need some serious work and some investment. You will need an e-commerce website and some product to sell. You can also contact local retailers and wholesalers for products which you can list on your website. You can also contact logistics companies to ship your products for low cost. It is an effective and easy way to earn money online. It will take some time to grow but it will surely make you millionaire.

18. Starting a Drop Shipping Business – You can start a drop shipping business and it really cost nothing to setup. You just have setup merchant account with some popular e-commerce website and list some products there. When any user order that product, you will purchase that from local market (from retailer or wholesaler) on low cost and send to the customer. You can easily earn good commission for just purchasing and selling products which you don’t even own or produce. As the trend of online marketing is increasing, it is quite clear that this business is never going to stop.

Post Script : Well these are the most used and long running jobs. You can make a good carrier for yourself in any of the above crafts and make money online easily. If you posses more than one skills then you can get involved in those activities and make more money. You may also try to collect a group of people with different expertise and make a company that provides overall services. Meanwhile you must start from somewhere. So I thought these ideas could give you perspective and get you on your feet until you plan something bigger. Do tell me in the comments if you any suggestions or questions. Share this article with your friends if you find it useful and knowledgeable.

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